Southern Vision Entertainment

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S.V.E. Delivers the Action!

Southern Vision Entertainment is a movie making/post-production company based in Tallahassee, FL. Our services include story development, script consultation, Pre-Production budgeting, scheduling, casting, location management, crewing, aspects of Production and Post-Production. S.V.E. has been in business since 2004 and offers a variety of productions from Short & Feature Length Movies, Music Videos, Commercials, and Documentary's. Multimedia services available upon request. 

Southern Vision Entertainment is a movie making company that is producing a series of movies and television shows to warfare against negative issues in society. S.V.E. movies will encourage and empower all cultures and also give them awareness to life basic problems through the film that are made. Some of the issues are genocide, relationship issues, family & law issues, injustice in society and teaching life story lessons and also specializing in creating biblical stories that have not been done into entertaining Hollywood style movies. Southern Vision Entertainment is very unique because we seek to target a specific audience such as the youth, streets, religion and mainstream fan base. What set S.V.E. apart is the capability to produce movies on a level that meets the standards of the entertainment business and also target specific audiences with amazing movies that many will relate to in some way or another! 

S.V.E. is also looking to work with Executive Producers, Filmmakers, inspired Filmmakers, Actors and Actresses to produce quality films to show the world. See our CAREERS page for positions available. If you are interested in freelancing with us please contact J.D. Ramsey. Internship accepted.


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